Utgårdsbuan is the place to relax and take a break from modern life stresses of the rat race.  Here you have the option to try living life closer to nature where even daily chores actually become an enjoyable part of the experience.


 Utgårdsbua has been at this location since the 1850s, as of autumn 2009 the ‘new’ current Utgårdsbuan was built. The site comprises one large Mountain Pastures’ cottage along with a smaller Hunting cottage and some storage outbuildings. There is also a sauna, a washroom and a wilderness hot tub that are located by the nearby tranquil stream.

The accommodation’s maximum capacity is 18 people – utilising both cottages.

Mountain Pasture Cottage:

-  2 bedrooms with 4 beds in each           room.

-  The loft contains 6 beds (so 14 beds    in total).
-  Kitchen with a gas stove.
-  An efficient log/wood burner.


Hunting cottage:

-  4 beds
-  Log/wood burner.

For a little bit of luxury, why not rent bed linen so when you arrive the beds are ready and made for you.​

Price per person: (bookings for minimum of 5 people):
300 SEK per night

50 SEK per stay for bed linen.


We can accommodate both large and small groups and the site is perfect to hire as a conference centre for a business course, away day or other activities.